God Can Heal the Bitterness of Life – Part 3

God Can Heal the Bitterness of Life – Part 3 By Greg Sanders

Trust God enough to try again.

2 Kings 4:38 Elisha returned to Gilgal and there was a famine in that region. While the company of the prophets was meeting with him, he said to his servant, “Put on the large pot and cook some stew for these prophets.”
39 One of them went out into the fields to gather herbs and found a wild vine and picked as many of its gourds as his garment could hold. When he returned, he cut them up into the pot of stew, though no one knew what they were. 40 The stew was poured out for the men, but as they began to eat it, they cried out, “Man of God, there is death in the pot!” And they could not eat it. 41 Elisha said, “Get some flour.” He put it into the pot and said, “Serve it to the people to eat.” And there was nothing harmful in the pot.

Serve it to the people?” Have you ever considered that someone had to be the first one to taste the poisonous stew after the meal had been thrown in? Any volunteers? The hardest thing to do is to try again after experiencing bitterness. We even have sayings: If you get knocked off a horse, you have to get back on. Why? If you don’t get back on immediately, you may never do it again. There are some who would say…I am never going to eat that soup again. (I might be one of them!)

There are many people who have allowed bitterness to paralyze their service to the Lord. Many have said: I’ll never serve again because it was bitter. I will never lead anything again, it was bitter. I will never attend church again because I had a bitter experience. I will never love again, it was bitter.

As long as your future is dictated by your bitter experiences, you are not really trusting God with your bitterness. You must trust Him enough to try again; to taste again. God heals our bitterness while we trust Him enough to follow Him today.

Don’t allow bitterness to paralyze you from today’s opportunities. Trust God enough to try again.

Today’s Challenge: Don’t allow bitterness to rule your life or stop God’s plan for your life. Overcome bitterness by trusting God enough to follow Him today. Even if where He leads you is to a situation that once brought bitterness, remember God can heal your bitterness and can use you to bring healing to others.



About Greg Sanders

I am married to the greatest girl in the world. Megan Sanders,(pronouced Meegan) Currently serve as pastor at The Assembly in Cabot Arkansas.
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