Going the second mile transforms you. 

Greg and Megan pastor Camden First Assembly. They desire that people of all ages and walks of life come to know Jesus.
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Going the second mile transforms you.
By Greg Sanders

Matthew 5:40“If anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, let him have your coat also. 41″Whoever forces you to go one mile, go with him two.

Today concludes our devotion on going the second mile. The discussion so far has been how God transforms others as we go that second mile and how He is seen more clearly in our lives as we go the second mile. However, something else very significant happens as we go the second mile. God changes you. You become like Him as you act like Him. You reflect Christ the most when you are going the second mile.
It is during the second mile that the world pays attention. John Maxwell says, “People don’t care what you know until they know that you care.”

Going the second mile transforms us. It is in those moments of submission to Him and His mission that He begins to transform us on the inside and change people’s perception of us on the outside. Look with me at these two transformations

  1. Inward transformation – As you go the second mile, God works what is in you out. During the first mile you may be complaining of how inconvenient this act of service has become. However, during the second mile you are reminded that the whole reason you are doing this now is to please God. During the second mile pride gets worked out and our hearts are refined. .
  1. Outward transformation– People perceive you differently in the second mile than they did during the first mile. During the first mile they see you fulfilling an obligation. In the second mile people see you meeting a need. When you need to transform the opinion of the world around you the best way of doing so is not to simply inform them of your noble intentions. The best way to redefine yourself or your ministry is simply begin going the second mile. What you could never impress upon them with words will be engraved on their heart by your actions.

Going the second mile transforms us from the inside out and transforms us in the eyes of a watching world. God transforms us each step on the second mile.

Today’s Challenge: Pray that God will give you the heart to go the second mile. As you journey the second mile realize that God will transform you. Celebrate every step of the second mile knowing you are becoming more like Christ.

About Greg Sanders

I am married to the greatest girl in the world. Megan Sanders,(pronouced Meegan) Currently serve as pastor at The Assembly in Cabot Arkansas.
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