You Have the Strength to Make a Difference

Greg and Megan pastor Camden First Assembly. They desire that people of all ages and walks of life come to know Jesus.
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You Have the Strength to Make a Difference
By Greg Sanders

Judges 6:14 But God faced him directly: “Go in this strength that is yours. Save Israel from Midian. Haven’t I just sent you?”15 Gideon said to him, “Me, my master? How and with what could I ever save Israel? Look at me. My clan’s the weakest in Manasseh and I’m the runt of the litter.”

Every person goes through seasons of life when they need a miracle. You may need a financial miracle or you may need a miracle of healing physically or relationally. In these times many people seek out an expert to help them through the chaos. Gideon was looking for a miracle, but he discovered that God wanted him to be the miracle. Apparently Gideon had strength he did not know he had. I fear that we have spent too much time praying that God would send a miracle to our life that we miss the fact that the miracle He wants to send is you and me.

If you will look in the word of God, most times when God worked a miracle He did not always send a messenger from heaven to do His work. He often sent a person from down the street. God told Gideon to “go in the strength” that you have.

You have more strength than you know. God has gifted you with certain abilities that you have not even tapped into. You will only discover this strength once you have stepped into the opportunity for which it was placed. Gideon did not discover the power of God while hiding out in a wine press. He discovered the power of God as he engaged the plan of God to lead his people. You only discover the gifts that God has planted in your heart as you respond to the opportunities that He gives you.

Today’s Challenge: There is too much hidden ability in the church of Jesus Christ. There are too many world changers convinced that they are less than what God has called them to be. You will discover God can use you in ways that you did not think possible if you would step out and stop hiding from the battle that God has called you to fight. Trust Him with the opportunities He brings your way. You have more strength than you know and God uses opportunities and sometimes hardships to draw them out of you.

About Greg Sanders

I am married to the greatest girl in the world. Megan Sanders,(pronouced Meegan) Currently serve as pastor at The Assembly in Cabot Arkansas.
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