The Danger of a Hard Heart

Greg and Megan pastor Camden First Assembly. They desire that people of all ages and walks of life come to know Jesus.
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The Danger of a Hard Heart
By Greg Sanders

Mark 6:47 Late that night, the disciples were in their boat in the middle of the lake, and Jesus was alone on land. 48 He saw that they were in serious trouble, rowing hard and struggling against the wind and waves. About three o’clock in the morning Jesus came toward them, walking on the water. He intended to go past them, 49 but when they saw him walking on the water, they cried out in terror, thinking he was a ghost. 50 They were all terrified when they saw him. But Jesus spoke to them at once. “Don’t be afraid,” he said. “Take courage! I am here!” 51 Then he climbed into the boat, and the wind stopped. They were totally amazed, 52 for they still didn’t understand the significance of the miracle of the loaves. Their hearts were too hard to take it in.

The condition of your heart determines your ability to receive everything God is saying to you and desiring to do through you. The disciples had seen Jesus feed 5000 people, walk on water, and calm a storm all in less then twenty-four hours. This was an action packed day. However, in the middle of Jesus doing great things among them, the Bibles says in Mark 6:52 that they could not “understand the significance” of what Jesus was doing because their hearts were hard. This reality strikes an immediate question in my mind that we must ponder.

What are we missing today because our hearts are hard? If a hard heart could blind people in that day, obviously a hard heart can blind us to God’s work today. There are several things that can cause a hard heart. Your past experiences with people, your personal expectations gone unfulfilled, and your own personal failure are just a few things that can harden your heart. God is doing great things among His people today but a hard heart can keep you from perceiving them.

Today’s Challenge: Ask God today to soften your heart. Ask Him to rid you of the actions and attitudes that blind you to His presence and allow you to see and participate in what He is doing.

About Greg Sanders

I am married to the greatest girl in the world. Megan Sanders,(pronouced Meegan) Currently serve as pastor at The Assembly in Cabot Arkansas.
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